Texcel Webbing In Patterns, Custom Cuts.

Down Range Gear

Good gear starts with quality components. That’s why Down Range Gear is invested in manufacturers like ITW Nexus, Texcel, Duro, Velcro and National Molding. Having access to these same, military specification materials can also be empowering for customers. That’s win-win and it’s just good business.

Making the parts and materials used in gear production available to customers has to do with a certain infantryman’s need to fix and improve field gear and a business’s imperative to form relationships with key suppliers. For the business the best pricing comes from volume orders. The only items stocked have been those required for gear production. Once in inventory, these same materials could be made available to customers.

In addition to solutions based design, Down Range Gear sees itself as an enabler and today the sale of parts and materials is integral to Down Range Gear’s value proposition. Customers count on no-nonsense pricing, highly detailed, original product photography and concise descriptions to make informed buying decisions.

Now customer interest is becoming a driver to expand inventory. 

Down Range Gear 3524

One such item is Texcel Industries solution dyed, military specification webbing. Texcel solution dyed “textured yarn” sets the bar in the category for tactical applications with accurate colors, a wide selection, consistent tolerances, good weave quality, availability across a spectrum of widths and patterns.

Down Range Gear has added to its inventory with an updated selection of two sided print patterns which now include:

Kryptek Typhon

Kryptek Highlander

Crye Precision Multicam

Desert Digital



Down Range Gear 3516

Down Range Gear is also testing a new custom cutting service to complement webbing orders at no additional cost. Customers will be able to order webbing and then request specific cuts. This will give customers with projects ready to use pieces, precision cut and heat sealed to the same professional standards as production gear.

Down Range Gear 3559

Heat sealing with a hot knife is the preferred way to cut and finish webbing ends. It creates a clean, flat, even end that is durable and protects against fraying. It should be the first step in any project involving nylon materials.

Down Range Gear 3576

The following conditions apply:

  1. Contact with Down Range Gear via email with instructions (downrangegear@gmail.com) immediately after the order has been placed. No customization will be accepted after the order has been packaged.
  2. Some requests will incur delays.
  3. Measurements must be clearly communicated in inches.
  4. Availability of the service is limited to what is feasible at the time of the request and Down Range Gear reserves the right to suspend the service as necessary.
  5. Once cut to specification, all webbing sales are final.
  6. No other services (marking or sewing) are offered in conjuction with cutting.
  7. Customers must be available to clarify instructions as necessary to complete the order. If communication is not timely Down Range Gear reserves the right to ship the order as is. 

The newly stocked patterns come with the caveat that they are not extended into the existing product line. In other words, the new patterns will not be a standard option in existing designs.

It is simply not feasible to stock ten different colors and patterns for every product and variation. Many of the patterns will work well with companion solid colors. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis dependent on need and application. Interested parties should enquire directly via email. 

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