“Kick-start” This.

Down Range Gear

The Regulation Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch Mk2.
The CDH-Tac Finland Lowirde Panel.

The convergence of these two pieces of gear makes for interesting belt carry options with unique capabilities. We have a rare opportunity to offer this gear combination in a package deal at a meaningful discount to customers.

Down Range Gear 1870

First, the gear.

Are you familiar with Regulation Tactical’s Reflex Mag Pouch? It’s an idea ahead of it’s time on a short list of really innovative products in this category. The defining feature is a mechanism that keeps the magazine under constant tension for excellent retention in a fast, open top structure. It gets more interesting with a design that is adjustable from single to double stack configurations. With two magazines inserted, the outer magazine protrudes slightly higher than the inner for easier access and, when drawn, the second magazine is loaded to the “ready” position. Having a double stack which is also an effective speed reload pouch is really useful. If you are a practitioner of magazine management and rotation (and if you carry a weapon for a living, you should be) this pouch directly supports that TTP, allowing users to prioritize sources of ammunition. All this on a MOLLE compatible system with a removable flap.

Down Range Gear 1892


Down Range Gear 1854

Then we add real duty belt carry capability.

By now the CDH-Tac Finland Lowride Panel is a known quantity. It allows something most shooters have probably thought about doing: putting a state of the art MOLLE compatible pouch on a belt. Like Regulation Tactical, the designer built more into the design. The solid 2 column, 5 row PALS grid starts at belt height and then drops below it, clearing armor and other equipment for better access. As the Regulation Tactical Reflex Pouch demonstrates, MOLLE compatible pouches are, rightly, where all the innovation is. If you want that versatility on a belt, you need a capable adapter to make it work. The Lowride Panel keeps it simple with a fold over, internally reinforced design that secures over compatible belts with hook and loop. Belt width is not an issue. Hook and loop surfaces on both sides lock the Lowride Panel into place. This solution is practically tailor made for law enforcement duty belt applications.


Down Range Gear 1886_Fotor

Reflex Magazine Pouch + Lowride Panel = win.

Putting these two innovative products together to offer an integrated belt carry system was the obvious thing to do. Working in conjunction with Regulation Tactical and CDH-Tac Finland, we have a compelling, limited duration packaged deal.

The numbers:
CDH-Tac Finland Lowride Panel MSRP $19.95
Regulation Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch Mk2 MSRP $35.00 CORRECTION: $30
Total shipping (if purchased separately) $15(+) CORRECTION, SEE COMMENTS BELOW

We can sell the same package for $45.00, shipped.

We are looking for a minimum 35 pledged orders to make this happen. Deadline for sign up is December 15. There is no up front financial commitment, only the announcement of a serious intent to purchase. If we reach or exceed the 35 piece minimum, it’s on. If there is insufficient interest, the deal falls through.

• Customer’s choice of (1) CDH-Tac Lowride Panel in Black or Coyote Brown.

• Customer’s choice of (1) Regulation Tactical Reflex Mag Pouch Mk2: Black, Coyote Brown, Crye Multicam, Ranger Green.

• Customers are welcome to buy as many as they would like with no upper limit.

• Free shipping.

Down Range Gear 1860

How it works:

The offer expires on December 15 and is only valid if the required minimum is reached. Orders will be electronically billed via email and ship upon reaching the 35 piece threshold. If the minimums are not met, we will post the expiration via this blog post.

Interested parties should respond using the “reply” feature to this blog post and email DownRangeGear@gmail.com, subject line: “Reflex Pouch/ Lowride Panel Offer.”

Down Range Gear 1878Lastly, for those interested, additional product images are being posted to the Down Range Gear Tumblr all week long.


  1. A1 said:

    Found this on JTT. We’d be interested in field testing a half dozen for our agency. Great price. Email sent.

  2. Aaron said:

    I’ll definitely take one in coyote.

  3. KW said:

    Put me down for one set in black. Email sent

  4. Earlier this evening we accidentally deleted a reply from a commenter named Dylan who had the following to say about this offer:

    “From what i worked out…

    The MK2 on the RT website costs $29.99 and shipping (50% off this month) and tax to CA is comes to a total of $33.81

    The belt thing is $24.90 shipped

    Total: 58.71

    So to be clear, by doing this, you will save around 8 bucks. Not a super deal, but it is a little savings… Maybe even less savings if your outside CA and get to skip the tax.”

    Firstly, the comment was inadvertently deleted while eliminating genuine spam, although it probably seemed to Dylan as though it was removed out of convenience.

    While this blog is designed to serve a commercial purpose and content is curated to that end, we don’t do it at the expense of integrity. When a customer points out a flaw, that’s one of the tools we use to make improvements.

    Math for example.

    Dylan is absolutely correct in that the price quoted in the post above were for product at MSRP and do not account for the sale currently under way on Regulation Tactical’s website. And it improperly valued all Reflex pouches at $35, when that is only the case for the Multicam pouch, the rest are $30. This was an oversight and will be corrected with a price revision.

    Small businesses that want to stick around really can’t afford to trade integrity for money. We probably know that better than anybody.

    We have amended the post with a reference to this comment so that buyers are clear on the numbers.

    Customers who have committed to a sale are welcome to back out if the incentive is not as strong as they were hoping for or does not make financial sense. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    We never have passed state taxes onto customers in any state.

    • IM said:

      I’m in for a black one.

  5. Gentlemen, for those of you who have not received replies to your email yet, we’re tracking your requests and will follow up when time permits. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for your interest, when you get the chance, please shoot us an email at downrangegear@gmail.com
    It will make it easier to follow up with you. We won’t be able to reply right away but we will be in touch and able to move on your order faster.

  7. Det. Patrick McCormack said:

    Interested parties should respond using the “reply” feature to this blog post and email DownRangeGear@gmail.com, subject line: “Reflex Pouch/ Lowride Panel Offer.”

    How do I get one in Black

    • Unfortunately, this package deal offer has expired and prospective customers will have to source the respective components from Regulation Tactical and Down Range Gear separately.

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