The Horizontal Belt Adapter

Down Range Gear

The Horizontal Belt Adapter was created to provide a niche capability so if you’re looking at it, wondering why anybody would want one, you are probably not the intended user. There won’t be many, but the few that have the need will get it right away.

The Horizontal Belt Adapter is designed to support any two column, MOLLE compatible pouch on a belt in a horizontal orientation. Three 1″ webbing components act as rows in a PALS grid and are sewn into columns onto which a pouch can be attached.

Down Range Gear 9295

Lengths of 1″ webbing are folded over and sewn to form two loops. The upper loop is sized for specific belt widths from 1-1/2″ to 2″ and backed with a small hook (Velcro) square to lock into compatible belts. The lower loop is built to 1-1/2″ PALS specification. A belt provides the side oriented mounting platform for the loops and attached pouch. Proper alignment with the pouch is achieved as the pouch is woven in and locked down.

Down Range Gear 9283

The applications for this are limited to specific use cases but it was designed to meet a need few other pieces of gear address.

Down Range Gear 9303

The origin dates back to  a small combat outpost in western Iraq where a weapon and source of ammunition were required at all times though PPE and a full combat load were not unless outside the wire or under fire. A 30rd rifle magazine can be awkward size and shape on a trouser belt when carried all day every day in a variety of settings. Standing up, no problem; sitting down, more uncomfortable. Given the magazine’s size and shape, small of the back was a good place to keep it out of the way and relatively comfortable but accessible. The added benefit was that when kitted up and outside the wire, it tucked neatly under the bottom edge of armor and could serve as a last ditch, emergency source of ammunition.

Down Range Gear 9289

Need and application will vary from user to user. Whether or not this is the right solution will depend as much on the pouch as the platform and adapter. If you have the need, this is one way to do it.

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