The PALS Belt Platform

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New ways of seeing things lead to new ideas. New ideas make new designs possible. The re-release of the PALS Belt Platform is the culmination of a lot of work and one of those new ideas. It moves the concept into new territory with interesting possibilities.

The PALS Belt Platform is designed to adapt any MOLLE compatible pouch for use on a belt by means of a compact, 2 x 2 grid that fully supports the attachment system.

Down Range Gear 9015

Running pouches with MOLLE compatible attachment systems on a belt has always been problematic. Before it was even an option, separate, dedicated pouches had to be designed specifically for belt use, complicating logistics and adding expense. That limitation continues to impact selection and availability because the best designs built for modular attachment may not have dedicated belt variants. Clearly the way forward is for users to pick the pouch they want and then use an adapter to extend it’s capability.

That’s the reason the PALS Belt Platform exists: modular pouch integration with belts.

Down Range Gear 9065

The PALS Belt Platform forms a 2 x 2 PALS grid that will support a typical rifle magazine pouch or two pistol magazine pouches in tandem. It works by spacing two webbing rows, sewn in PALS columns that, when folded over a belt correctly align into a row-gap-row configuration onto which pouches can be woven. That shape also forms the loop through which the belt is fed.

Down Range Gear 9057

When it comes to MOLLE compatible attachment systems, security comes from properly weaving the pouch into a PALS grid. That’s how they were meant to and should work. Weaving a pouch into a backing creates multiple points of contact pulling evenly across the surface, locking into the grid. Not doing it the right way is asking for trouble.Down Range Gear 9024The PALS Belt Platform is designed to be stable on belts both with and without Velcro liners. An opposing hook and loop surface is built in for contact with the underside of compatible belts. It works well with two tier, inner/outer duty belt sets. For belts without Velcro, removable, non-slip patches can be affixed to both sides to increase friction and minimize shifting.

Using PALS Belt Platform takes more time to describe than set up:

1. Position the PALS Belt Platform behind the belt. Unmask the Velcro or leave the non-slip liner on as appropriate.

2. Fold the top row of webbing over the front of the belt.

3. Pass the MOLLE straps from the pouch through the top row of webbing.

4. Weave the MOLLE straps back into the next full row on the pouch.

5. Weave the MOLLE straps through the bottom row on the PALS Belt Platform.  Secure the strap ends at the bottom of the pouch. If the MOLLE webbing on the pouch extends further, it is recommended the straps be passed through them before locking the ends down.

Down Range Gear 9091

One interesting feature afforded by the PALS Belt Platform is the ability to daisy chain multiple units on a belt to support pouches in tandem. This will be useful for customers who need to support equipment but don’t want to run a full featured battle belt. Customers who want to run multiple units on their belts can take advantage of the six piece sets sold at a discounted rate.

Down Range Gear 9097

The PALS Belt Platform is sized for common belt widths in 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, and 2″. Color options will be coyote brown for customers who need a military compatible earth tone and black for agency users.

The PALS Belt Platform has a lot of potential for law enforcement agencies. While department/agency policy may be an obstacle, the PALS Belt Platform removes the constraint of equipment limitations allowing the full range of MOLLE compatible pouches on 2″ duty rigs.

Down Range Gear 9142Some of the most innovative and original pouch designs on the market today are built for modular attachment. They can now be run as low profile, dedicated belt pouches. The PALS Belt Platforms joins the MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer and CDH-Tac’s Lowride Panel in Down Range Gear’s line of  adapters.

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