CDH-Tac Lowride Panel


 Gear maker CDH-Tac, Finland has an impressive portfolio. This independent designer has consistently put out practical, innovative and well executed designs.

Doing good work while maintaining a high level of integrity is what makes this designer stand out because when it comes to making decisions about who you want to work with, those choices reflect and character matters. It was immediately apparent that the Lowride Panel would complement a niche that Down Range Gear has been developing for some time so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to build the design under license. Not only does it fit in with Down Range Gear’s line of belt adapters but also gives us the opportunity to work closely with a great designer. 

Down Range Gear/ CDH-Tac Finland Lowride Panel

The Lowride Panel supports MOLLE compatible pouches on a belt with an extended PALS grid that drops below the belt line to clear equipment and improve access to pouches. It’s the sort of solution based design that is common from an end user who has identified the need from practical experience… and then does something about it. A lot of users are going to get the concept as soon as they see it.

By now everybody knows the real advances in pouch design are built almost exclusively for modular attachment systems, not around belt carry. To make those pouches work on a belt and get the benefits of the best in equipment technology requires a way to bridge the gap. The Lowride Panel provides that capability, opening the world of high end modular pouches to belt systems that lack the native ability to support them.

Down Range Gear/ CDH-Tac Finland Lowride PanelThe Lowride Panel uses a fold over design that bends over the top of the belt and secures below it with large, interior hook and loop fields. This makes it particularly effective with Velcro lined belts and compatible with virtually any width. The addition of a small strip of loop (Velcro) material on the back face locks it into inner support belts such as two piece, inner/outer LE nylon duty belt systems.

The outer face of the Lowride Panel is surfaced with a 2 column, 5 row PALS grid supporting all MOLLE compatible pouch attachments. The 2×5 configuration was designed to accommodate two pistol magazine pouches in tandem or a single rifle magazine pouch. If a wider surface area is required, Down Range Gear/ CDH-Tac Finland Lowride Panelmultiple panels can be “daisy chained” onto the belt.

The PALS grid is a “solid” design with 5 contiguous rows that allow for 1″ increments of adjustment. Magazine pouches typically require 2 conventionally spaced rows to properly weave in, leaving 2 rows (or 2″) of up or down positioning to find optimal height on the Lowride Panel. For a dedicated duty belt this is enough to drop pouches below armor and clear other equipment.

The Lowride Panel is built on a sturdy 3″ webbing base folded over. Opposing hook and loop (Velcro) liners surface the interior securing the two sides. The outer, 2×5 contiguous PALS grid is sewn with the webbing ends rolled and tucked in at the seam. The PALS grid is backed with an internal HDPE (plastic) semi-rigid support which provides a solid surface for mounting pouches. A strip of loop Velcro runs across the back to lock the panel into compatibly surfaced belts.

The Lowride Panel is currently being produced in coyote brown for users who require a military earth tone and black for agency customers.

Down Range Gear/ CDH-Tac Lowride Panel

Users will find the Lowride Panel equally at home on an LE duty belt dropped clear of other equipment as well as a low profile way to carry pouches below the belt line without a heavy, dedicated MOLLE belt.

Down Range Gear/ CDH-Tac Finland Lowride Panel

This is the first outside design produced under license by Down Range Gear and it would not have been possible without the confidence of CDH-Tac. Under our agreement, profit for every unit sold is paid back to the designer as a royalty. Association with a designer as good as CDH-Tac naturally makes you want to do better work; we’re better for it and the customer ultimately benefits.

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