1. Anonymous said:


    Great looking plate pockets. Color me very interested since I need to prcure a good set for use with my JPC.

  2. downrangegear said:

    You have some really cool toys…

    The proprietary Crye pockets for the JPC are actually a very sharp looking piece of gear, like everything they do. The only thing I think I can offer that they might not be able to do better is custom sizing for the plates. And for the money (because these are custom built, one at a time) these might not be what you’re looking for. They’re really expensive to make.

  3. Where did you go? I was enjoying the blog but you seem to have disappeared.

  4. Paul Narowski said:

    Chris, I have a set of esapi plate pockets that I’d like to have modified like this. Please contact me ref. pricing. Thanks!


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