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This entry is from a job a couple of months old. The requirement was to integrate a Camelbak hydration carrier directly to a P2Sys armor system yet still allow the hydration carrier to be used as a standalone pack. Familiar territory for Down Range Gear.

The P2Sys armor system secures over the wearer’s shoulders with a layered hook and loop closure. This turned out to be convenient for the necessary vertical attachment points. A compatible hook and loop strip was assembled to support a side release buckle latch (male end) Velcroed into the shoulder portion of the vest. Low profile ITW QASM buckles were also easily integrated onto the shoulder straps of the hydration carrier. These stay flat and out of the way when the Camelbak is worn without armor.

Ease of use, low profile and leaving the Camelbak as close to it’s original form as possible were key design considerations second only to adding functional armor integration.

There were many easy options to accomplish horizontal attachment. Since the weight of the hydration system is largely borne on the vertical axis, the horizontal attachments serve more as stabilization than a load bearing mechanism. Shock cord was used to keep the hydration system under constant elastic tension against the vest. Tethered to ITW G-hooks (which attach directly onto PALS/MOLLE webbing,) they eliminate the need for a two piece buckle set. When not attached to the armor system, the shock cord pulls the G-hooks out of the way, tight against the sides of the hydration carrier.

Customer photos:

  1. Robert said:


    Thanks for the great mod. As you saw in my e-mail I’m already looking beyound this to a more flexable application. Time will tell if it’s a crack pot ideal or not.

  2. downrangegear said:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with such innovative kit! There are a lot of things on the drawing board and in the production pipeline at Down Range Gear, but sometimes the most interesting and fruitful projects are the ones we don’t plan for when a customer pitches an offbeat request or draws attention to a need we didn’t anticipate. Thanks for trusting me with your gear again!

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