NOD Retention Lanyard Field Repair Kit.


There are now many thousand NOD Retention Lanyards currently fielded by select units in the Marine Corps, Army and Air Force. At this point it’s safe to say that the NOD Retention Lanyard is a field proven, cost effective night vision accessory item that meets a serious need.

The parts, materials and workmanship that go into fabrication, combined with a smart design make the NOD Retention Lanyard highly dependable and sturdy enough to handle the rigors of a field environment. Quality webbing and robust stitching combined with telling attention to detail means the sewn parts are over built and will not come apart. The ITW Nexus GhillieTex (IR signature reduced) components are some of the most robust military grade plastic hardware available. In short, we’ve built a pretty good product the best way we know how that many thousand customers have confidence in.

The Problem.

That said, we live in the real world and the NRL regularly goes outside the wire in the most demanding environments. Having been there, we know better than to think in terms of absolutes. Never say something will never happen. If it can happen, it will happen. Nothing is indestructible outside the wire.

It goes without saying that Down Range Gear will repair or replace any unserviceable NOD Retention Lanyard we’re made aware of. This is an implicit contract we enter into with our customers. You trust us to deliver the best and we work hard to keep that faith. If you break it to the point where it no longer works, we’ll fix it or replace it. You don’t have to explain how it happened or why. We’ve been there.

For instance, when the ITW Nexus GhillieTex Side Release Buckle Body (female end buckle) anchored on the helmet as part of the NRL strikes an immovable object, like say a rock, and impacts with the sort of velocity that may be achieved by pitching said helmet off of a Marine 7 ton MTVR, and that buckle is literally caught between a rock and a kevlar shell (proverbial hard place,) said buckle is not going to survive the impact. We know because this event actually occurred.

And yes, of course it was replaced. Fortunately that customer was able to contact Down Range Gear and a replacement was dispatched immediately. The customer was happy and we had a good story to tell. But not all our end users are going to have an internet connection and post office close at hand.

What happens when the NRL is damaged in a time and place where you can’t send it in or contact us for a replacement? Back to 550 dummy cords? In the spirit of adapting, improvising and overcoming, it’s a time proven option that works, but is less than ideal. For this reason, Down Range Gear assembled the NOD Retention Lanyard Field Repair Kit.

Solution: NOD Retention Lanyard Field Repair Kit

The NOD Retention Lanyard Field Repair Kit is a packaged bundle of critical replacement parts to back up the NOD Retention Lanyard. They will be sold with select versions of the NOD Retention Lanyard and as a standalone kit. Contents will include:

ITW Nexus 3/4″ GTSR Latch drilled to accept the NRL shock cord component.

ITW Nexus 3/4″ GTSR Body slotted for and easy, tool free installation.

ITW Nexus GTSR Cord Lock.

1/8″ Shock Cord segment.

Replacement cable tie.

We’ve covered all the bases, all color matched to the customer’s request.

This modest investment will extend the useful life of the NOD Retention Lanyard and give users peace of mind that comes with knowing that when the unexpected occurs we’ve provided a workable field solution.

Combat is demanding on your equipment and will stress your gear to the breaking point. In the real world, gear breaks. Claims to the contrary are hype. If it can happen, it will happen. A customer should have a reasonable trust and expectation that the designer and manufacturer have done everything in their power to deliver the best they can with a good design and solid workmanship. This is what separates lesser gear from the real deal and you should expect nothing less from people who have time outside the wire.

And for the record, as of this writing, with the many thousand NRLs currently fielded, we have had exactly 1 (one) returned for a cracked buckle. That buckle and the helmet it was attached to took a dive off a Marine 7 ton truck. Go figure.


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