TNVC Stocks The NOD Retention Lanyard

Because Tactical Night Vision Company has gained a reputation for being the source for quality night vision for professional users, Down Range Gear is particularly pleased to add this industry leader as a stocking dealer for the NOD Retention Lanyard.

TNVC is currently carrying the following two versions of the NOD Retention Lanyard:

The NRL for the Ops-Core VAS shroud is tailored to the low profile design of this helmet mount. TNVC is stocking this affordable lanyard system in a variety of colors and patterns including: coyote brown, khaki, black, ranger green, desert digital, Multicam, foliage and Army UCP.

TNVC is also the sole stocking dealer of a rare version of the NRL designed specifically to accommodate the helmet ratchet strap for standard issue military NOD plates.

To learn more, visit

  1. downrangegear said:

    Credit goes to the dealer who saw fit to take a chance on the product. Without all of our dealers and incredible support from our customers the NOD Retention Lanyard would be another one of those good ideas that never went anywhere.

  2. Gene hansen said:


    Me and my team love these things! I am glad to see another place selling them, good on you.


  3. downrangegear said:


    I’m really glad you’re able to put them to good use.

    My first experience with dummy cording NODs was on my first combat deployment, OIF2 in 2004. My platoon sergeant threatened me with a fate worse than death if my squad didn’t use 550 cord double nooses to back up the optic mount. I did what he said because the bastard was fresh off the drill field and just plain mean! As any good infantryman might appreciate, the practice saved my rear end repeatedly and learning occurred. When I funded my own PVS14 out of pocket for my second deployment, I thought there had to be a better way. Then the lightbulb went on…

    The platoon sergeant in me tries to push these out to every military customer DRG has.

    It’s been a popular item.

    Thanks for the kind words, hope you’re staying safe out there,


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