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There has been tremendous innovation in tactical holster design in recent years. Manufacturers are doing a lot of things right in terms of both quantity and quality. As good as they are however, sometimes there is a disconnect from the people designing and building the gear to the ones actually using it. Furthermore, large manufacturers can’t think of everything, and can’t tailor every holster to every specific needs. This creates a niche space for Down Range Gear to operate in. Two such items went out recently.

There are a number of innovative retention systems on holsters today. The Thumb Break isn’t one of them. This is a  classic snap based system that is designed to be retrofitted onto a holster body. Despite the draw backs and dated technology, there’s still a lot to be said for the classic thumb break if it’s done right. A metal snap connects together a webbing strap with a reinforced thumb break. Unfortunately, due to the variety of holster designs and styles, it’s impossible to tailor the break for a perfect fit to suit every holster so this solution is not ready to go out of the box and the customer is going to have to do the final fit and installation. A certain amount of DIY acumen and specialized tools to cut webbing and burn holes are absolutely required.

The Drop Rig Belt Hanger, Direct Mount is an improved platform to suspend a tactical drop holster. It will work on belt systems or a MOLLE platform, has a quick disconnect latch and uses a buckle that pivots in a 120 degree arc. The hip extender is a direct replacement for the original. This customer requested a single platform but two belt hangers. The hip extender has been cut to position the holster high on the thigh and holes have been burned in for compatibility with Safariland holster screw patterns.

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