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Anyone with trigger time running a drop holster can attest to the advantages of minimizing the offset from the user’s belt to the holster. The higher the holster is worn on the thigh, the less it will drift and swing, the faster it is to index and draw. The original Drop Rig Belt Hanger requires an extra piece of hardware because 2″ webbing hip extenders can’t be fed directly into the Swivi-Lockster buckle (maximum width it will accept is 1.5″) The eventual solution was to sew the hip extender directly into the Swivi-Lockster, completely replacing the original equipment manufacturer’s hip extender webbing.

Why even run a holster with Down Range Gear’s Drip Rig Belt Hanger? Three good reasons:

1. Quick disconnect: The center mounted, single point buckle releases at the push of the latch and clips easily back into place.

2. Range of motion: The Swivi-Lockster features a 120 degree arcing range of motion allowing it to pivot naturally over the hip as the wearer moves.

3. Inherent belt and MOLLE compatibility: The MALICE Clips can accommodate regular belt systems and attach to PALS/MOLLE platforms.

The Drop Rig Belt Hanger, Direct Mount was originally intended as an open, unfinished system which the end user would cut to desired length and custom fit to individual preference. Cutting the webbing and burning the holes requires a certain amount of DIY acumen in addition to special tools and a “measure twice, cut once” mentality to get right.

With Safariland being one of the dominant holster platforms and high ride being the preferred method of wear, the Drop Rig Belt Hanger, Direct Mount can now be had with the webbing cut short and holes properly placed for Safariland platform compatibility.

  1. great setup. This has the features I don’t normally see in drop down holsters in any of the products I test and review. nice job

  2. downrangegear said:

    Thank you! A number of minor improvements have been made since the initial release of this system. We’ll be going over those in detail in the near future.

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