Limited Sales Program

The Limited Sales Program is how Down Range Gear keeps accumulated product from building up by making completed pieces directly available for purchase to the public at large. As a small, lean business oriented towards custom work, we do not like to accumulate a gear stockpile. Building items one at a time, as ordered by the customer means more efficient use of resources, materials, hardware and time.

That said, gear does pile up from time to time. The result gets posted on this blog under the Limited Sales Program page. Items end up there for a number of reasons. Customers will find one off prototypes and proof of concept design pieces, there are items that were requested, never paid for and remain unclaimed, others are production overruns.

Sometimes before ramping up a large order, we’ll run off a couple of samples to verify the design and establish a workflow. Those prototype/proofs aren’t folded into the larger order but retained and are eventually put up for sale.

Other times we’ll tinker with an established pattern to tweak the dimensions or some small detail to see what impact it has on the finished product. We take what we learn from these small changes and incorporate them into the overall design but the fully functional proofs having served their purpose are put up for sale.

Often a piece of gear is a dead end in terms of design but still completely useable. In order to recoup some of the cost of materials that went into the finished piece, it is put up for sale.

If an item is especially popular and in high demand, we might tack on one or two extra per run in anticipation of follow on requests for the same.

There is a growing list of gear available under the Limited Sales Program. While not all are “on sale,” there are some bargains to be had. All listings for single magazine pouches (where there is only one of it’s kind available) are being offered at below regularly quoted prices. Other items are packaged with accessories to make an affordable package. In a few cases, we’ll waive shipping in lieu of a discount. The remainder offer no advantage over the fact that they are built and ready to ship without the weeks long waiting period the current backlog of work demands.

Quantities are limited to stock on hand, which is only one or two for many of the items listed. Some of the gear will stay posted until sold, other items will be pulled after the Holidays and repurposed as commercial samples or other outlets. New items will be added as they become available.

Here are a few examples of what is currently available:


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