Today @ Down Range Gear

The key to the Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch is in how it fits.

The perfect fit is everything.

If the pouch is built correctly around the magazine you can achieve easy access and an unparalleled level of retention without shock cord, magnets, Velcro, plastic buckles, snaps, elastic, flaps of any kind, Kydex inserts or nonslip material.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

Finding the perfect fit is a balancing act.

The pouch has to be tight enough to retain the magazine but not so tight that it impedes accessing the magazine or reinserting. If the pouch is built too loose around the magazine, there is no retention and it’s useless.

So we walk a very fine line when we build these. That level of detail comes at a price. These magazines are slowly and meticulously fabricated. Painstakingly even. At the end of the process, they are tested for fit. If it doesn’t meet the standard and stated criteria, it’s either broken down and reassembled, or (and this is more often the case) a few reusable parts are salvaged and the magazine is rebuilt from scratch. The width of a line of stitching can mean the difference between a serviceable fit that does everything it’s supposed to and a completely useless pouch. Each and every pouch is individually hand fitted.

You know those magazine pouches that have the plastic inserts? Well that’s what this pouch feels like structurally. And it achieves the same (or better) level of retention without the plastic. The process is time consuming but so incredibly worth it.

The resulting pouch has clean lines. It’s a minimalist structure. A sparse design. It’s as small as we can make it. There are no extras, no frills, no gimmicks here.

Maybe this is something that can be built in a factory off an assembly line, but it’s cheaper and easier to build a rough fit pouch and fill in the space with a plastic insert. This isn’t one of those pouches.

Four of these went out today.



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