O P Tactical

Another shipment of NOD Retention Lanyards shipped to O P Tactical recently. O P (for Operationally Proven) Tactical has kept the NRL in stock continuously for some time. O P Tactical is a no-nonsense retailer that seems to have mastered the key business skills that lead customers to do repeat business by delivering a consistently good experience. As one of the few dealers carrying the NOD Retention Lanyard, we can’t say enough good things about our transactions and would not hesitate to steer a customer their way.

The NOD (Night Observation Device) Retention Lanyard might colloquially be referred to as an NVG dummy cord. It’s a field proven, well thought out device built to prevent the loss of a night vision optic when attached to a helmet mount system. It’s operation is already familiar to anyone who depends on field expedient methods of dummy cording sensitive equipment. The use of side release buckles makes attachment and removal of the device simple and dependable. The female buckle is pinned securely against the helmet behind the NOD plate. The male buckle is tethered to the optic via shock cord which can be length and tension adjusted via the provided cord lock. Attachment to the optic is accomplished with a dependable plastic cable tie which is simple to install, remove and replace in field conditions. The shock cord provides an added benefit in stabilizing the optic, taking excessive play out of the mount system. Additional value is added with the inclusion of a dummy cord clip which allows the optic to be securely tethered to prevent loss even when stored in a pouch.

The NOD Retention Lanyard can be found at O P Tactical: http://www.optactical.com/doragenodrel.html


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