Today @ Down Range Gear

The Modular Panel Insert adds equipment support and organizational capabilities to your pack. It’s covered on both sides with 1″ loop (Velcro) tape sewn into a PALS (MOLLE) grid. The loop tape is reinforced and the stitching is robust. This unique configuration will support both MOLLE equipped and Velcro backed pouches. The Panel is internally supported with a stout plastic frame sheet that undergirds the load. The optional pull out handle simplifies extraction.

The Modular Insert Holster is a full featured, universal design with an adjustable thumb break. It’s built from the ground up to be a rigid Velcro holster. A companion piece to the holster are the Pistol Magazine Inserts. The elastic loop, in conjunction with the foam backed, nonslip surface hold the magazine solidly in place.

An additional, custom request on this order was for a Velcro backed, open top pouch to hold a suppressor on the panel. The design was straightforward. The body of the pouch is essentially an elongated rectangle with a reinforced front so that it does not collapse inwards. It rides on a backer constructed of 1.5″ webbing, reinforced, and attaches to the panel via hook (Velcro) material.

  1. Robert said:

    Recieved this on Monday. Great product that meets my needs. I’m looking forward to doing more with Down Range Gear.

    • downrangegear said:


      It was a real pleasure doing business with you and I appreciate the good things you’ve been saying about Down Range Gear. I’ve been fortunate to have very patient and understanding customers, and you maintained a good sense of humor even though it was weeks before I was able to ship your order. I’m really grateful. Would you mind if we created a link to Pro Partia for the benefit of other readers?

  2. Robert said:

    No problem link away, but I’ll be calling about that other pouch.

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