Design Update: PALS Belt Platform

Down Range Gear is a proponent of the concept that any time a particular piece of gear can be made lighter and smaller without sacrificing quality, durability or function, it should be done.

The PALS Belt Platform allowed the user to put a small PALS square onto a belt in order to support MOLLE type pouches and accessory items. It worked with a range of belts from trouser belts to heavier duty belt systems providing them with a means to properly attach and carry MOLLE pouches.

The PALS Belt Platform Lite fills the same function but with approximately half the cross section and weight of the original. This is accomplished by reducing the amount of material involved in fabrication. Like the original, the back half is reinforced with a plastic square lined on both sides with a nonslip, high friction material to keeps the platform stable and stationary on the belt. The PALS grid is supported on a double layered, laminated Cordura surface.

The end result? It supports the same sized PALS grid but on a smaller, lighter, thinner, flatter platform. And the design will continue to improve and evolve.


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