Today @ Down Range Gear

Another Tactical Tailor MAV came in for a harness upgrade and to have direct to armor attachment capabilities added.

The basic Modular Assault Vest from Tactical Tailor is a load carriage platform as simple as they come. It’s a folded over cordura rectangle with a PALS front. The harness and waist strap are just webbing straps. This minimalism gives the end user a functional chest rig that is highly customizable. There’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple.

This job didn’t call for anything that hasn’t been done at Down Range Gear before.

First, provide a low profile, functional H-harness utilizing the Enhanced Strap Replacement. Then using another Strap Replacement variant, fabricate a waist strap. Alter the MAV accordingly to work with both, which consisted mainly of reducing the panel by a few PALS columns and retrofitting it with buckles compatible to the new harness and strap system.

Fabrication of the Chest Rig/ Armor Interface Kit was equally routine: provide four PALS Shock Cord Anchors to tether buckles to the vest via shock cord, provide two ITW Nexus Surface Mount buckles (plus a spare) with optional hook and loop strips to afford some shock protection for those critical pieces of plastic. The only minor issue arose when having to factor available PALS width on the underlying vest, in this case only 6 columns, so the two vertical buckles had to be adjusted accordingly.



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