Today @ Down Range Gear

The Enhanced Strap Replacements can completely replace and upgrade the harness and strap system on a chest rig. Conventional webbing and buckle combinations can be improved with a more comfortable, functional and ergonomic system that relies on the intelligent combination of tubular nylon webbing with a shock cord core combined with flat webbing and fed through a ladderlock for a front pull to adjust. Although meant as a drop in solution, some modification to the host chest rig may be necessary.

Case in point: this SOE Frog chest rig the owner wanted retrofitted with the Enhanced Strap Replacement Waist Strap and Side Straps. The first step in the ordering process was an email exchange with the customer to verify his needs and ensure the straps would be compatible with the buckles on the chest rig. We verified buckle compatibility with the waist strap but identified issues with upgrading the harness system. First, the ladderlock adjuster would have to be sewn into the harness. Second, because the Enhanced Strap Replacements rely on 1″ tubular nylon webbing, buckles of a compatible width have to be used. In addition to modifying the harness to accept the ladderlock, the chest rig’s 1.5″ buckles would have to be replaced with 1″ buckles.

It takes trust to send an expensive piece of equipment to a complete stranger to alter. At this point in the game, Down Range Gear has some credibility. We have had expensive chest rigs come through, be carefully modified and returned to satisfied customers.

Your chest rig is going to support your fighting gear but you’re going to carry that weight. You may spend many long hours in your chest rig, others will live in theirs for days. While the combat load is an absolute, comfort is relative. Down Range Gear’s Enhanced Strap Replacement might make the difference between fighting your gear and fighting the enemy.


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