Enhanced Strap Replacement On The ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag

ITS Tactical has made a name for itself with a steady stream of informative articles and is an authoritative “resource for skill-set information, tactical gear reviews and DIY projects.” ITS Tactical has also been a steadfast supporter of small scale custom gear builders like Down Range Gear for some time now. A lot of people read what ITS Tactical has to say, so when asked for a review sample of the Enhanced Strap Replacement, we were only too happy to oblige.

From ITS Tactical, July 15, 2010: Fantastic Solution for your Chest Rig Waist Strap

Obviously, we benefit greatly from this sort of exposure, but it didn’t end there. When ITS Tactical commissioned a custom built Discreet Messenger Bag from Zulu Nylon Gear, it was cleverly retrofitted with the Down Range Gear waist strap, a completely unforeseen application, generously mentioned in the article.

From ITS Tactical, August 13, 2010: Custom Discreet Messenger Bag from Zulu Nylon Gear

The concept is catching on.

In collaboration with Zulu Nylon Gear, ITS Tactical recently made the feature rich Discreet Messenger Bag available to the public. Orders for the waist strap specifically to fit the bag have followed.

From ITS Tactical, November 1, 2010: Announcing the ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag!

There are a lot of tactical shoulder bags out there, and yes, we do have a bias, but the features, workmanship and and design that went into this one really sets it apart.

The ITS Tactical team is a good crew who are diligently augmenting some great site content with a small but growing, carefully selected tactical gear product line.

Zulu Nylon Gear has evolved into a highly specialized, high quality manufacturer of tactical gear with amazing design work and attention to detail.

Association with both puts Down Range Gear in very good company.  Use of the waist strap on this amazing bag was a happy coincidence, but we’re very pleased to support this product.

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