Today @ Down Range Gear

The Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch features an open top for quick access combined with a tight, tailored fit around the magazine for retention. A pouch with these tolerances may or may not be something that can be mass produced on an assembly line, but each and every one is fitted by hand and individually tested at Down Range Gear. The result is a pouch that relies on precise execution of the design to work properly.

The Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch only comes in single magazine variants. The 1.5″ backing material and tight fit means that the pouch has the smallest footprint, accommodating one magazine per row on a PALS grid. If a customer requests two pouches or more in tandem for an application such as belt carry, the MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer fills this role, not only holding the two pouches together but keeping them in place on the belt. The LE variant of the Belt Stabilizer opens a whole new world of pouches and accessories to the law enforcement market.

Customers are really getting the Enhanced Strap Replacement concept. The waist strap in particular has been in steady demand. It’s a drop in, aftermarket upgrade that replaces what is in many cases just a piece of webbing with buckles on the end. It’s comfortable because the tubular nylon does not have hard edges and the shock cord will yield when pressure is exerted against it. Adjustment is made easier because the straps are engineered for a front pull to adjust and the elastic means the strap will always provide just the amount of tension needed to keep the chest rig tight.


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