Now Stocking: ITW QASM (Quick Attach Surface Mount) Buckle

In stock and available now at Down Range Gear is the ITW Nexus GhillieTex Quick Attach Surface Mount buckle in tan. The QASM is a buckle body (female end) that slots onto a length of 1″ webbing with a parallel orientation. Slotted for expedient mounting to webbing that is already sewn down (such as on a PALS grid,) the QASM is secure, easily attached and simple to remove with no tools and without having to alter the buckle or host equipment. Because the slotted loops run fore and aft of the buckle, it rides completely flat on the surface of your gear allowing for low profile attachment options never before possible.

In order to secure the best pricing on parts and raw materials, distributors and manufacturers require high volume minimum purchases on hardware like the QASM. Having already made the large buy in, Down Range Gear is now in a position to make select pieces of hardware and materials available direct to customers.

The QASM and a growing list of hardware is available now, on request at the Down Range Gear Parts And Materials Exchange.


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