Today @ Down Range Gear

The Modular Panel Insert is a drop in solution for organizing pack interiors. With both sides covered with a top to bottom, side to side PALS grid, surfaced with loop (Velcro) tape, and held up with a rigid, internal, plastic sheet, it will support both MOLLE and Velcro backed pouches. The addition of an integral pull out handle makes accessing the contents that much more convenient.

This customer also requested a set of four Drop Rig Belt Hanger lower halves (the buckle end attached to the triglide,) in order to change out multiple subloads or holster platforms without having to take the Belt Hanger off the belt.

Because in a vast majority of cases, gear isn’t built until the customer orders it, it is relatively easy to accommodate custom requests, particularly when they are variations on an existing design. The single cell MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizers in this order are one such example. Custom work isn’t always feasible or possible, but when it is, particularly when it’s just a small tweak on an existing design, we’re all too happy to support the request.


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