Today @ Down Range Gear

Today’s project was an EssTac Boar chest rig. The requested service was Armor Interface. The 2″ buckles that come standard for all attachment points on the Boar were the major obstacle. 2″ hardware does not work well with the 1″ PALS webbing the Chest Rig/ Armor Interface Kit relies upon for mounting points. Two 1.5″ buckles were added to the vertical (front) attachment points. All four of the horizontal (side) buckles were replaced with 1″ buckles. Standard PALS Shock Cord Anchors and attachment points were fabricated to use with the revised buckle layout.

Complimentary replacement buckle bodies are included in the event the critical, weight bearing vertical buckles are damaged in the field. And while their use is not mandatory, experience has shown that the protective Velcro wraps (also standard) used to cover the vertical buckles will provide a measure of shock absorption. Quality plastic hardware holds up well under rigorous use in the field, but because parts failure is not unknown, and your loadbearing system is a critical item, we like to account for the eventuality, no matter how remote.

The customer stipulated the ability to continue to use the chest rig with a harness, so a new one had to be fabricated to work with the revised buckle layout. Because the standard two strap X harness had to use 1.5″ buckles in the front and 1″ buckles on the sides, the new harness is a hybrid of both webbing widths. The waist strap uses wide, 2″ webbing to provide some comfort while a pair of ladderlocks allow the two 1″ straps to be pulled forward for adjustment.


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