Drop Rig Belt Hanger, Direct Mount Option

The Drop Rig Belt Hanger stands out as a drop holster accessory with it’s distinct combination of functional improvements:

Solid and stable belt mounting platform: The Belt Hanger utilizes a pair of Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips to attach to a belt. MALICE Clips have proven highly reliable. With the ends properly secured into the integral locking tabs, the closed loop virtually eliminates the possibility that the platform will separate from the belt unless deliberately unlocked. Stability is achieved by spacing the MALICE Clips apart in a wide footprint with an increased surface area over the belt.

Inherent PALS/MOLLE compatibility: While the MALICE Clips can accommodate a variety of regular belt systems, because they pass through a series of 1″ webbing loops, they can also be properly woven in and attached to PALS/MOLLE platforms.

Quick disconnect feature: The robust and proven National Molding Swivi-Lockster provides the quick disconnect capability that is at the heart of the Drop Rig Belt Hanger. The center mounted, single point buckle releases at the push of the latch and clips easily back into place.

Range of motion: The only one of it’s kind, the Swivi-Lockster features a 120 degree arcing range of motion allowing it to pivot naturally over the hip as the wearer moves. This ergonomic feature is unique to the Swivi-Lockster. With many thousands fielded, the durability of these buckles has been tested beyond a doubt.

The original Drop Rig Belt Hanger allowed the user to loop the entire holster assembly through a 2″ triglide attached to the Swivi-Lockster, essentially displacing the belt. Adding the triglide was necessary to overcome the Swivi-Lockster’s 1.5″ (maximum) width. Most popular holster platforms, such as those by Safariland, hang on 2″ scuba webbing, therefore are not directly compatible with the Swivi-Lockster necessitating the 2″ triglide.

The addition of an extra piece of hardware into the Belt Hanger increased the amount of drop and offset between the holster and the belt, compromising the design. This was a particular obstacle for users who place a premium on and value the ability to mount a holster as high as possible for stability and a more efficient draw.

Integrating the hip extender directly into the buckle system mitigates this issue.

On request, Down Range Gear can now provide the Drop Rig Belt Hanger with a 2″ wide hip extender sewn directly onto the buckle and cut it to a requested length. Essentially a blank slate over which the holster can be precisely positioned, it leaves the customer free to decide exactly where to place the holes to align the holster platform.

This freedom and level of customization comes with a price. The Direct Mount Option is not for everyone. A certain amount of do-it-yourself acumen is required to align the holster over the webbing, mark it’s position and burn the holes. Where to position the holster is a decision best determined by the wearer.

Worth the hassle? The pictures speak for themselves. The Drop Rig Belt Hanger combines several improvements into a single accessory. The Direct Mount Option is a full featured upgrade with a new level of customization.

  1. Scott Gibson said:

    I am extremely interested in purchasing a Tactical Holster Platform in black. I have been looking for something to replace the old hanger strap and was not happy with a recent purchase of a similar, but woefully unacceptable, solution from holsterops.com. As I sat disappointed looking at the poor quality, I started thinking that I could probably make something myself that would work better. I began searching the internet for swivels for web gear and found the Swivi-lockster on the National Molding website…exactly what I needed. Then Googled swivi-lockster and found the downrangegear.net page where they were sold…ok, I’m getting closer to what I need to make my new rig. Back to Google search on swivi-lockster and I noticed the above blog link…click…boom…exactly what I wanted to make! Only you guys did all the work already! Please let me know how long before this great idea of yours (dammit) can be on my belt. Thank you for your ingenuity.

  2. David Jones said:

    Did these ever go into production? i would really love to get one of these in coyote and adapt it to carry a tomahawk

    • These are available on a highly limited limited, case by case basis.

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