Today @ Down Range Gear

A full featured, fully adjustable modular holster, elastic magazine loops with great retention, a panel built to support your loadout, made to order. These three pieces of gear go together and are every day carry items for many Down Range Gear customers.

All the basic components work well together because they were designed that way. The panel remains perfectly flat thanks to a rigid plastic insert. A full PALS grid supports an uninterrupted surface for the attachment of Velcro backed accessory items. Consistent contact is maintained between the add on holster and magazine loops, each built on solid backers which won’t curl.

Carried this way in a pack, the pistol is secure, can be positioned in limitless configurations and can safely be drawn. The elastic loop magazine carriers will retain and prevent the magazines from slipping through. The sturdy pull out handle means ready access to the contents of the pack and the ability to move everything on one solid platform from one bag to another. Put them all toegether into the pack or bag of your choosing and you have a great every day carry solution.

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