Down Range Gear Limited Sales

Down Range Gear is setting aside a new space on this blog for the express purpose of making certain items available to interested customers without having to wait: Limited Sales

This is specifically to draw attention to gear that is built and ready to ship. Select items will be made in small, limited quantities and should be considered one time only offers.

These will include:

Prototypes and one off concept pieces.
Gear from orders with items withheld from delivery due to lack of contact or payment from the original customer.
Small production overruns.

How it works:

  1. All items posted for sale will show the quantity immediately available and be accompanied by an accurate description and actual photograph of the item being offered. What you see is what you get.
  2. Items will only be posted as they become available.
  3. Pricing is available on request via email (
  4. Availability is limited to quantity on hand. Quantities will be updated as the gear is sold. Once complete, the listing will be removed.
  5. To order an item, a prospective customer should first contact Down Range Gear via email ( in order to ascertain pricing and availability.
  6. The preferred method of payment is PayPal, but alternate forms of payment may be arranged on request.
  7. All orders will ship via US Postal Service with Delivery Confirmation. A follow up email will confirm shipment of the order.

This is essentially custom built gear without the wait. The Limited Sales program does not replace the normal ordering process. Quantities will be strictly limited to gear that is already built, on hand and ready to ship.


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