Military Morons Reviews The NOD Retention Lanyard

The website is an invaluable resource. The reviews are concise but thorough, with even handed critiques backed up with vivid photography that captures broad product concepts and minute details. The effect is a well rounded view of the product that typically goes beyond what a manufacturer reveals. These details provide an end user perspective unmatched anywhere else.

Military Morons recently reviewed the Down Range Gear NOD Retention Lanyard.

Down Range Gear NRL

It probably comes across as self serving and corrupt to commend a source about a product that we have a biased interest in… but a review in Military Morons is something to covet. During the review period and prior to publishing, the reviewer made some very astute observations about the NOD Retention Lanyard which demonstrated a clear understanding of it’s workings and use. The internet is replete with self proclaimed subject matter experts on websites with an obvious bias to anyone who throws a free piece of gear their way. ¬†Military Morons aptly rises to a higher standard.

To learn more about the NOD Retention Lanyard or to find out how to place an order, contact Down Range Gear at or visit

  1. Victor DeMicco said:

    yes, its the “new guy” again. I have been through your whole blog and I am amazed at what you have been able to do with problems that we have over here and find an incredible solution to the gar issues.

    I just requested a buckle set for use with a mayflower attach chest rig to a MOLLE vest. I would like to get one of these helmet NVG retention pieces as I would hate to loose the NEW PVS14 I just got.

    I dont know if I am going about requesting items the right way, but I was advised to send you an email and that I could deal with you. Please advise if there is a different way to order your products.

    Again…thank you

  2. downrangegear said:


    Thanks for looking. Should have a complete DRG portfolio up on a separate page at some point to make browsing at the full line up easier. That’s in the works.

    The NRL was originally designed for the PVS14 I purchased out of pocket. It really hurts to lose those.

    Best way to make a request for gear and get penciled into the production schedule is to contact us via email directly at Your email will be answered. Promptly.

    Looking forward to discussing your needs.

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