Today @ Down Range Gear

One of the problems with offering a product like the Enhanced Strap Replacement is the wide variety of equipment different customers need it to work with. Consider the different widths of webbing, different sizes of buckles, different buckle orientations and different makes of buckles with attendant compatibility issues. The default standard on the ESR Waist Strap is ITW GhillieTex buckles. Usually the male (latch) end is sewn into the strap but that can be altered on request. Constant contact with the customer is key to making sure the gear gets built correctly.

This customer requested the ESR Waist Strap with National Molding Duraflex Stealth buckles. That’s not a part in use or in wide enough circulation to justify stocking. By chance, there were enough parts on hand to fit out two of the three waist straps requested. The buckles could have sourced from a distributor, but that would have required the purchase of  a quantity there isn’t a demand to justify. This is where small business decisions start to come into play. In cases like this we do what we can. The customer opted to have the order filled with the plastic hardware on hand and had the third piece built with an ITW buckle set so that he could install the compatible buckle onto his gear. Alternately, the customer could have purchased the requested buckles and had them forwarded to Down Range Gear to install. There was no good solution.

Down Range Gear has had the good fortune in that there has never been a customer that was not flexible or reasonable in filling an order. In return, you’ll get nothing less from us.

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