Today @ Down Range Gear

Regular readers will notice a trend here in the marked increase in customer interest on equipment that will enhance or improve the experience of using a chest rig. This is a market niche Down Range Gear has carved out for itself and we’re pretty happy to ride the wave. As with anything in this industry, it’s only a matter of time before something better comes along, but for right now, we’re it.

This customer seems to have wanted the best of both worlds. Sometimes you wear your chest rig over armor, sometimes you don’t. Down Range Gear has both bases covered and can markedly improve both experiences. The Chest Rig/ Armor Interface Kit uses your armor system to support the chest rig with no harness to mess with. It’s simple, streamlined and combat proven. The Enhanced Strap Replacement (Waist Strap) wraps a stretchy shock cord core inside a soft tubular nylon strap to make wearing a chest rig with a harness easier and more comfortable.

We don’t build chest rigs (yet) but with a few outside the box solutions, we can help make the one you’re humping a lot better.

  1. Victor DeMicco said:

    I would like to order this item for my Mayflower Lo-Pro MOLLE vest I just ordered. I worw with BW in Astan and a few of the guys here have had you do work for them and I think its amazing.

    Please send me the info I would need to get this taken care of.

    Thank you


  2. downrangegear said:

    Thanks very much for the compliment. If you want to shoot me an email at, I’ll get you squared away.

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