MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer, Lite

While the Tactical Tailor MALICE Clip is a very solid PALS mounting accessory, it makes an outstanding belt loop. No other PALS or conventional MOLLE system can match that characteristic. When the solid plastic tab is slotted into the end and locked in, the closed loop doesn’t come undone. The problem is that there is nothing to prevent a pouch attached in this manner on a belt from excessive play and movement. The MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer addressed this issue and created a rock solid platform with which to attach MALICE Clip equipped pouches onto a belt (from thin, narrow belts up to LE duty belts). It works by slotting the end of the MALICE Clip through a channel lined on both sides with a non-slip material. Once the MALICE Clip is closed over it, it functions as a belt loop. Friction keeps the pouch in place on this proven system. It’s smart and at least as good as any other belt attachment on the market. It is designed specifically to take advantage of the Tactical Tailor MALICE Clip.

After the introduction of the original MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer, and built specifically to take advantage of Velcro lined belts, the hook and loop “LE” (law enforcement) variant was developed.

The MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer because it does it’s job well and it’s a simple design. There’s only so far the design can be evolved, there literally isn’t much room for improvement. However, after having built these for a year and having subsequently spun off the LE variant, we did notice that it could be made thinner without sacrificing performance.

The MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer Lite improves on the original design by reducing some of the material that goes into fabrication giving the Belt Stabilizer a thinner cross section. When it comes to gear design, less is more.  The lower the profile of your gear, the better off you’ll be. The Belt Stabilizer Lite is about 1/2 as thick as the original, meaning less material between you and your equipment.


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