Today @ Down Range Gear

Down Range Gear is a small operation and has a limited, finite ability to produce. Very little that is made is a stock item, meaning nearly every single piece of gear is made to order. Until it’s ordered, your gear is just rolls of fabric, and webbing and distributed parts. This ensures a high degree of customization and strict attention to detail but it also means the process is slow and relatively expensive. It can be very inefficient. It’s really busy here but we put a lot of effort into taking care of customers on and individual level.

What kind of hoops do you have to jump through to get Down Range Gear to work for you? If there’s something you need, you shoot us an email at with a request. We’re pretty attentive to our email inbox. If it’s something we do or is within our ability, and if current commitments allow, you’ve hired yourself a gear builder. Because of current order volumes we’ve had to be a lot more selective about what we take on. If we can’t give an ETA on your order or don’t think we can complete it in a reasonable time, we don’t accept funds up front even if we pencil you in to the production schedule. Sometimes we lose time and money that way, but we’ve never accepted funds and failed to deliver and our customers have been unfailingly patient and understanding with production setbacks and delays.

Small orders are no exceptions.

This customer wanted to install an Enhanced Strap Replacement (the waist strap) onto his Mayflower chest rig but wanted to do the work himself. Could Down Range Gear provide the finished strap with a buckle part to fit on the chest rig and the appropriate, heavy duty nylon thread to do the job? Absolutely. How about a set of velcro wrap buckle protectors? No problem. We’re happy to not only sell the finished product but provide the small items that might assist you in making your gear what it needs to be. We’re very pleased to be able to support small do it yourself projects. Just ask!

Next customer just wanted a set of PALS Shock Cord Anchors but wasn’t sure of the buckle orientation on his vest. Could Down Range Gear fabricate a Shock Cord Anchor and set it up to use both ends of the buckle? Can do. Only hiccup was that the customer wanted all his gear in green and the only thing we could provide was the webbing. Didn’t have green shock cord and ITW doesn’t make the GhillieTex line of hardware in green to our knowledge. Other than that, we were very pleased to be able to do the work.

It’s busy around here. Right now, we’re in that place where a small, custom operation gets noticed and demand accordingly picks up. In addition, several items have attracted interest from government agency and larger, military contracts. That’s not a bad place for us to be in but it has a telling effect on smaller, custom orders. We work really hard to give individual customers equal time and attention. If we just can’t do the work, or there’s a manufacturer that does the job better, Down Range Gear regularly refers customers to some of the third parties linked in the Blogroll. We haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be a customer in need.


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