Today @ Down Range Gear

This is a variant of the Chest Rig/ Armor Interface Kit with all the component pieces. It’s going on another Mayflower Research and Consulting chest rig, a piece of kit we have a lot of experience with at this point.

There is no single “standard” version of the ‘Armor Interface Kit. The objective is to mate a chest rig directly to an armor system without a harness. The ‘Kits are tailored to customer specific gear combinations, and are limited only by how the gear is configured and designed and how far the customer wants to go to make them work together.

Although Chest Rig/ Armor Interface Kits are as varied as the customers who request them, the basic components remain the same:

Everybody will get a set of buckles to replace the shoulder harness and support the chest rig along it’s critical, vertical axis. Because this is the primary weight bearing support, an extra attachment is always provided along with a set of Velcro protective wraps to protect the buckles from impact. That’s probably overkill but we really don’t want your gear to fail in mid deployment without a way to fix the problem.

All chest rigs need to be stabilized horizontally to prevent shifting. Most chest rigs have four attachment points, some have two. It doesn’t matter how your gear is set up, we’ll tailor the ‘Kit to you. Replacing the straps with shock cord is one of those unique touches Down Range Gear is known for. It’s not the default for the Chest Rig/ Armor Interface Kit but the advantages over webbing are a no brainer and we can make it work to great effect. That shock cord will pull your chest rig into your armor system, keeping it under constant tension and rock solid when you move. At this point, a great many of them have been fielded. They’re the best solution we’ve found to making chest rig attachment as simple as possible.


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