The Down Range Gear NOD Retention Lanyard

There are three potential points of failure in the mounts and adapters between your helmet and night vision optic. The NOD Retention Lanyard is designed to retain and prevent the loss of a night observation device in the event of a mount failure. Providing a critical measure of redundancy in the field, “dummy cords” are time tested and proven in an environment where, “if it can happen…” It typically does. The NOD Retention Lanyard is a dummy cord, operating on a familiar concept but doing the job much better.

No more 550 cord. No more safety pins and carabiners.

As with everything in a field environment, simplicity is key because complicated gear stays in seabags. The straight forward design of the NOD Retention Lanyard eschews complexity. It’s operation is already familiar to anyone who depends on field expedient methods of dummy cording their sensitive equipment. There’s no retraining, no learning curve; all the habits and actions are already ingrained from years of experience. It’s a no brainer to use when and where it matters.

The NOD Retention Lanyard has two basic components using familiar parts infantrymen handle every day, such as side release buckles, webbing, shock cord and cable ties. The side release “body” is pinned between the NOD plate and the helmet to form a sturdy socket. The side release “latch” is tethered to the optic body via tension and length adjustable shock cord. It’s low profile and lack of dangling parts minimizes the potential for snag hazards.

The NOD Retention Lanyard works with issued gear, requires no special tools or expertise to install, does not interfere with the operation of the optic or require any alteration of issued equipment. Reliability in a field environment is there by design. It takes a grunt to come up with something like this.

The NOD Retention Lanyard is made in the USA with telling attention to detail and heavy duty stitching. The hardware is ITW Nexus GhillieTex (IR signature reduced) parts and buckles. If broken, the components are easy to swap out or repair expediently in the field. Although designed with the AN/PVS-14 monocular in mind, adaptation is factored in, allowing the end user to port the device to different optics.

As an added benefit of using shock cord to tether the optic, the elastic tension stabilizes the mount system reducing excessive movement and play between parts, allowing consistent positioning of the optic over the wearer’s eye.

Further value is added with the inclusion of the Dummy Cord Clip which latches onto PALS (MOLLE) webbing and secures the optic to preclude loss when it is not in use and stored in a pouch.

In addition to the USGI helmet plate, Down Range Gear fabricates several versions of the NRL to accommodate different mounts and mount configurations, such as the Ops-Core VAS Shroud.

The Down Range Gear NOD Retention Lanyard is a well thought out, low profile, practical alternative to field expedient methods, priced to put it easily within reach of those who will benefit most.

The NOD Retention Lanyard was developed by Down Range Gear and is distributed exclusively by Combat Ready USA.

To find out more about the NOD Retention Lanyard, visit

The NOD Retention Lanyard is in stock and ready to ship at

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