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Earlier this week, Down Range Gear shipped an Improved Modular Panel Insert with a Modular Insert Holster Lite and four Pistol Magazine Inserts. Those pieces were all built to go together. If you have to carry a pistol in a pack, particularly a pack that does not have PALS or loop (velcro) built in, this might be your solution. The nice thing is that it frees the end user to utilize a pack already owned or purchase a pack based on other characteristics. Down Range Gear will provide the drop-in internal organization.

As requested, this panel was sized for the secondary pocket in an Eagle Industries A-III pack. To add to the PALS support and compatibility with velcro backed accessories, this panel also sports a built in elastic flat pocket which gives it an internal storage and organization capability right out of the box without the need to add pouches. They fill a number of small, useful niches.

The Modular Holster Insert Lite is designed specifically to take advantage of the unique contour of a Glock pistol frame. It offers good retention and draw characteristics without the bulk of the Holster Insert. With the holster body made largely of elastic webbing, other pistol frame designs and aggressively angled front sights may damage the material, but this velcro holster is good to go with a stock configuration Glock. The holster is built on an HDPE backer to ensure full contact with a solid loop (velcro) surface.

What makes the Pistol Magazine Inserts work is the nonslip material used in the backing. This goes over a thin layer of foam padding working in conjuction with the compression of the elastic to keep magazines from slipping through. Additionally, the loops are perfectly sized to support folding knives, flashlights and mulit-tools, among other items. Like the Holster Insert, the Magazine Inserts are supported by an HDPE base to keep them from peeling away from the loop backing.

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  1. downrangegear said:

    I must look like some kind of a genius posting pictures of an M9 magazine in gear that was built around a Glock platform…

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