Drop Rig Belt Hanger

The Swivi Belt Hanger started out as a personal project to address specific issues with Safariland drop holster platforms. Standard Safariland drop rigs have hip extenders built from 2″ scuba webbing. They loop over the wearer’s belt and back down. Model 6004 series holsters can be had with a quick disconnect buckle, but I was running an older holster without that option. The lack of a quick disconnect feature was one issue to address, the other had to do with ergonomics. The hip extender doesn’t move when your leg moves, so it might work perfectly well when you’re standing, less so when running or seated because you leg moves back and forth and the standard hanger resists natural movement.

Both the quick disconnect and range of motion issues can be addressed with National Molding Swivi-Lockster buckles. The Swivi-Lockster is a center point, push button, quick disconnect buckle that allows a 120 degree arcing range of motion. The Swivi-Lockster has seen service with a popular holster system on a large scale and has ably withstood rigorous use in field conditions.

Providing a quick disconnect capability along with improved ergonomics, the Swivi-Lockster becomes the cornerstone in addressing drop holster deficiencies. How it hangs from the belt is of critical importance. Belt attachment is accomplished via a platform that has a relatively wide base and utilizes Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips. MALICE Clips make secure, natural belt loops. Set widely apart, they are stable on support belts but can also be used in conjunction with MOLLE/PALS compatible belt systems. The Swivi-Lockster buckles are only designed to accommodate a maximum webbing width of 1.5″ so a trigide serving as a wider loop had to be attached to accomodate the 2″ scuba webbing found on Safariland rigs.

The result is a unique and much improved way to run a single strap belt hanger and hip extender. It is stable on the belt, moves with the wearer and has a convenient quick disconnect feature.


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