RSKTKR Consulting

RKSTKR Consulting is the kind of quality provider of specialized training that Down Range Gear takes pride in associating with. RSKTKR is owned and operated by Mike “Doc” Hewitt who’s resume starts with 11 years in the U.S. Navy with a big chunk of that time attached to a Marine Force Reconnaissance Company.

The firm profile quoted from the RSKTKR website:

“RSKTKR Consulting (Originally “RiskTaker Services”) was formed in 2004 due to a recognition that the current training in Military and Law Enforcement circles was lacking real world guidelines and some fundamental skill-sets were flawed. Recognizing this “Doc” Hewett set out to provide better training in a more realistic manner to supersede and improve on some of the inherent flaws in the system.

The RSKTKR Training philosophy revolves around not what we can do but what we can teach you to do. You will not see a bunch of show-offs in our classes. “Doc” and his team teach you in a friendly manner what you need to become a better shooter.

“Doc” spent 11 years in the U.S. Navy,  5 years as a Security Specialist, he transitioned to being a Corpsman (Combat Medic) and he was attached to a Marine Corps Force Reconnaisance Company, where he was responsible for the health and safety of the team while it was doing all forms of Special Operations Missions.

He became a Civilian in 2001 and began working in the Middle East and Europe as a Private Military Contractor, working Static and Dynamic positions as a PSD Operator and Force Protection Specialist.

After returning to the States he took his experience and went to work at the Federal Air Marshal Training center in Atlantic city NJ teaching Advanced Pistol and Concealed Carry to the Federal Law enforcement Officers that protect our skies.

RSKTKR Consulting has teamed up with several companies in an effort to bring better more affordable training directly to you.  We are proud to have the following sponsors contribute products to our students for T&E and promotional purposes, thus putting cutting-edge gear directly in the hands of the shooters who need it. RSKTKR Consulting gives product feedback to the companies direct from the front line, helping to keep them in tune with the needs of their customer base.”

Down Range Gear is very pleased to further it’s relationship with RSKTKR by sponsoring upcoming courses with selected pieces that form a sort of every day carry kit. These consist of a Modular Panel Insert (complete with a pull out handle and integral elastic flat pocket,) Modular Insert Holster and a set of Pistol Magazine Inserts. Valued at over $100 per set, these will go to the high shooters or other worthy participant in upcoming courses. Sponsoring RSKTKR with Down Range Gear products is a winning concept for all concerned, the course participants get to walk away with some great kit, the instructor gets to provide additional value for the students and Down Range Gear gets to put it’s kit directly in the hands of the end user.

Prospective class attendees and clients might find several things to like about training with RSKTKR. First of all, the prices are very reasonable, particularly given the instructor’s level of experience and the quality of instruction. Second, Doc’s methodology is firmly grounded in real life with particular emphasis on proven basics that work. This is really critical because there are a number of instructors who instruct sophisticated techniques which might work very well on a flat range with an instructor pushing you through the drill but not be repeatable in real life. Brilliance in the basics saves lives. Third, RSKTKR is a mobile training operation. Doc can bring classes to your location provided there is an adequate venue to shoot and a sufficient number of students to justify setting up the class. Interested parties should contact Doc directly.

To learn more about RSKTKR, read the ITS Tactical review of a RSKTKR course hosted in February.

Upcoming courses posted on the RSKTKR site can be found here:

2 Day Combative Pistol in West Jefferson Ohio May 29-30 2010

3.5 Day Combative Carbine Class, Hoover, AL

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