PALS Belt Platform, LE Variant

The PALS Belt Platform allows MOLLE/PALS compatible pouch systems to be worn securely on a belt. The original version was lined with high friction, non-slip material to help fix it in place. A customer recently ordered a set for use with a law enforcement duty belt system. Conventional LE duty belt rigs consist of a main, load bearing belt, typically 2″ wide, lined with loop (Velcro) material which supports duty gear. This can be mated to a hook (Velcro) lined trouser belt which is meant to hold up trousers and mate with the outer (load bearing) belt, to keep the load from shifting.

With all the gear law enforcement officers have to carry, it must be frustrating to be limited to pouches designed to work specifically with duty belts. Converting the PALS Belt Platform for use with LE kit opens up a whole new set of options for LEOs or anyone running some form of a Velcro lined belt. A hook and loop lined PALS Belt Platform makes the entire inventory of MOLLE/PALS pouches available to these users.

The LE Variant of the PALS Belt Platform is built to the same specifications as the original: it is a 3″ wide, HDPE reinforced platform that supports two rows and two columns of  “contoured” PALS webbing sewn into a loop that will slide over a 2″ duty belt. What differentiates it from the original version is the substitution of  hook and loop material in place of the the non-slip backing/liner. The interior of the belt loop is lined with a 2″ strip of hook material while the exterior is lined with loop to allow the platform to properly mate with the lining on LE duty belts.

  1. Joe G. said:

    How can I order 2 of these?

    • downrangegear said:


      Right now these are unavailable. They’re built in batches and currently sold out. All our resources right now are concentrated on a very important initiative. Once that’s done, we’ll be able to go back and concentrate on the core product group again.

      • Joe G. said:

        Ok email me anytime!

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