O P Tactical Stocks Down Range Gear

Earlier this year, Down Range Gear shipped an initial order for kit to O P Tactical. That was followed by another, and more recently a third gear drop.

The O P in O P Tactical stands for operationally proven. The gear is operationally proven, and so is it’s staff. From the website:


O P Tactical Inc. is a small business owned by an able-bodied, active-duty, non-minority, male member of the United States Army who is a combat veteran. We do not seek preferential treatment when being selected for sales to anyone.

Our Mission:

Provide customers with the best gear and customer service possible.

OPT does not sell gear that has not been tested and sworn to by the end user, inferior gear is not sold here.

If you have any questions about what kind of gear you should use for your loadout, just email us ( opt@optactical.com ) and ask. We hope you check back in every now and then and see what we have to offer, we will feature different deals and new items on a regular basis. Happy shopping, browsing, surfing, or studying.

Our Philosophy:

We believe our role is to support the customer and the industry. The customer is of the utmost importance, they are in the fight, or training for the fight, we know what this is like, and we know what we expect out of our support channels while in these roles. The industry is also of great value to us, we do not bad mouth other members of the industry for the sake of sales, in fact, if you can’t find it here, we will be happy to refer you to a dealer that carries an item rather than see you deploy or train at an equipment defecit due to the behavior of a retailer.

Our Website:

Our Website is like a fighting position, it undergoes constant improvement on a daily basis; it is not flashy, it is not glamorous, it is very low maintenance and for one very good reason… The internet is very slow in most of the far reaches of the world. We do not have stock on our pages (though it is kept updated for many products) nor do we have tons of special effects to “wow” our customers. We have items, pictures, and descriptions along with contact info, this is all you need for mission accomplishment when using our site. If you have time to post your disapproval of this on a forum, you have time to write us and ask if something is in stock, it is that simple.

Our Product Line:

One thing that you may notice about our website is that we do not have the same cookie cutter compostion found with most tactical gear stores. The reason for this is simple, we use what we sell, we know what people are looking for when they do their shopping in preparation for anything; whether it’s a deployment, being assigned as an instructor, or preparing to head out and do a hike with some friends and family. We seek out products for you that fill niches not found in other places within the industry. We have no problem with taking risks with never before heard of products if we know they successfully fill a need from within the community. Gear is developed on the grassroots level, it is developed by the end users most of the time, and we do not have any problem with representing the end user who is also a product developer.

Company Lineage:

July 2003: Operationally Proven Tactical Gear (OPTG) was founded in Alexandria, Virginia.

March 2004: O P Tactical Inc. (DBA: OPTG) incorporated in the State of Virginia

April 2004: OPTG moved permanently to Raleigh, North Carolina.

March 2005: OPTG moved into retail space in Raleigh, North Carolina

January 2006: O P Tactical Inc. (now called OPT) incorporated in the State of North Carolina.

September 2007: OPT Moved into new retail space doubling their previous capacity.

Our Criteria:

OPT’s criteria for selecting gear is based not only on our staff’s experiences, but also those of our constituents, friends, and team-mates. We sell gear that lives up to it’s reputation for survivability and longetivity.

What we are NOT:

We are not runway models, or guys who have tons of super expensive matching kit that is completely unaffordable by the average Joe out there. You won’t see super cool pics of guys dressed in $4,000 worth of clothing and nylon yet who have no clue how to operate or employ the weapons they carry in the arena of combat. We do not have extravagantly expensive gear on our site that looks super cool but provides little or no necessary function to the end user. This is not a fashion website. We believe the gear we sell should be utilitarian and functional. We are very confident in our approach to this, and ironically, chicks dig confidence more than the fact that you own a super expensive piece of gear.”

O P Tactical is currently carrying several Down Range Gear pieces and test marketing selected items.

Recently shipped out were an additional five Modular Insert Holsters and 20 Dummy Cord adapters for the NOD Retention Lanyard.

Although direct contact and one on one sales to customers will always remain a critical part of how Down Range Gear operates, doing business through retail partners such as O P Tactical will allow us to reach and meet the needs of a wider customer base. While there are a number of retailers in the business, Down Range Gear takes particular pride in it’s association with those of the caliber and professional experience of O P Tactical.

  1. Evan Desmarais said:

    Could you offer a price quote / time frame for a custom ordered Moular Panel Insert.
    Velcro loop pals webbing on primary side and velcro hook covering the rear side. 30″x16″ (pals going horizontal). Sewn closed with no removeable HDPE panel. Either Black or Earth color.
    I have a cheapo .bmp I could send you. This modular panel will be attached inside an ATA flight case so it will be removed as needed similar to a briefcase style tool bag.
    Thanks for your time.
    Evan Desmarais

  2. downrangegear said:


    I usually take orders via email at downrangegear@gmail.com but I’d be more than happy to assist you here…

    30″ x 16″… which dimension is width and which is height? What you’re asking for sounds very similar to this panel: https://downrangegear.wordpress.com/2009/12/10/try-and-try-again/

    I’m going to have to get back to you with an estimate as I have some uncompleted work on the table at the moment. Would you care to send me an email on or about Monday, this coming week? It’s really important to me to clear existing commitments before taking on more work, but what you’re asking for sounds relatively simple and easy enough to build and I would be more than happy to do the work.


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