Chest Rig/ Armor Interface Design Update

Gear designs are constantly under review and improved. Recently, I received feedback on Chest Rig/ Armor Interface Kit 1.5″ vertical attachment points. 1.5″ buckles are secured with 1.5″ webbing which is woven into the PALS backing. Properly weaving an attachment point onto a PALS grid requires at least two rows (three inches,) on the vest ideally. The issue with anchoring a chest rig is that given an offset of 3″, you could only mount the chest rig so high on a given armor system. An anchor point that took up less space was in order.

A PALS grid can be a very useful thing, but if you want to run gear on it, it pays to weave it in the right way. Shortening the 1.5″ vertical attachment points would mean having to come up with a way to securely attach them to a single loop of webbing, which is generally not advisable because it also stresses the grid at a single point, whereas weaving an attachment into the backing distributes the stress points along the entire surface. The only way to make it happen is to compromise.

The result is a shortened 1.5″ anchor point that turned out pretty simple. It wraps around a single webbing loop and secures with a snap backed up with hook and loop fastener. This in itself would concern me because it would be fairly easy for the snap to come undone and dump the chest rig. That’s a lot of stress on a single point and a lot of weight and critical gear essentially hanging on a single snap. What made the difference was lengthening the webbing and tucking the excess end through the side release latch (male end of the buckle.) This creates an essential extra margin to guard against failure. It means the snap can’t just come undone and dump your kit.

“The interface kit turned out great. I think you really broke the code on the vertical attachment points! They attach/detach very easily and with your redesign they are nice and short. The whole kit put to together feels like the the chest rig and the carrier were meant to be together. I’m attaching a photo I took quickly last night using my iphone. I threw in a bunch of aluminum GI mags for a quick pick for you.”


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