Today @ Down Range Gear

These are part of a set completed for a recent order. The pieces requested are telling in that the customer is hitting on key pieces that represent a sort of Down Range Gear core competency: simple, lightweight, low profile gear solutions. Every one of them:

The Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch continues to attract customers looking for a different kind of magazine carrier. A good mag pouch balances access and retention. The Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch doesn’t do this with any sort of active retention system. This magazine pouch excels simply by virtue of an exacting fit due to careful craftsmanship. You need to hold one to really understand the difference. The pouches are literally made to fit the magazines to close tolerances.

The PALS Belt Platform continues to find it’s target market. It’s another simple, well built solution to a problem a lot of shooters have: mounting PALS (MOLLE) pouches onto a belt.

Finally, a derivative of the Light Utility Belt. It doesn’t have a name yet. There will be more on this in subsequent blog posts, but the Light Utility Belt design is evolving. Newer versions are going to mirror a duty belt belt profile with the belt end tucked under the buckle and secured in place with hook and loop. This should allow for variations in sizing. The Light Utility Belt will be offered with either a Ladderlock or Triglide buckle. Each has a trade off in terms of features but the key capabilities and characteristics remain: it will continue to be lightweight, simple, low profile and capable of supporting a sidearm with magazines and other equipment thanks to the internal HDPE support.

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