Fitted Rifle Magazine Pouch

The Fitted Rifle Magazine Pouch is the much requested companion piece to Down Range Gear’s Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch. Construction and methods of assembly are almost identical to achieve the same high quality and  minimalist look. The Fitted Rifle Magazine Pouches are individually built and fitted by hand, conforming to the shape of the magazine.

The goal was to design the smallest, lowest profile magazine pouch, achieving good, realistic retention and allow unencumbered access for a clean draw. In order to both retain the magazine yet allow easy access, the pouch is built to exactingly close tolerances. Each one is closely inspected and rebuilt if the finished product does not provide the right balance.

At just 2 3/4″ wide and 5″ tall, the pouch leaves the smallest possible footprint on your gear. Using 1000D Cordura fabric, the walls of the pouch itself are double layered and laminated for a very tough, wear resistant exterior. An HDPE insert reinforces the front, keeping it’s shape to prevent it from collapsing inward when trying to insert a magazine. Heavy duty webbing is used to fabricate the backing on which the pouch is built and supports a contoured PALS grid which will easily accept MALICE Clips or the third party attachment method of your choice.

There is no shortage of magazine pouches in all descriptions on the market. It’s hard to go wrong because the quality level is high. Down Range Gear’s Fitted Rifle Magazine Pouch is designed for  a specific user base, filling a very narrow market niche.


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