PALS Belt Platform

The PALS Belt Platform is coming to the end of it’s long gestation and development period. As the name might suggest, it’s a short adapter that supports a PALS compatible platform for pouch attachment onto a belt.

Gear purpose built for belt carriage is nice but not good for attachment and use elsewhere, thus narrowly limited in application. PALS equipped, MOLLE compatible pouches are not designed to ride directly on a belt, but many are pressed into service as belt pouches anyway.

The PALS Belt Platform fills a need identified after the Down Range Gear MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer was released. Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips make natural, secure belt loops with their semi rigid construction and locking tabs. The Belt Stabilizer kept them from shifting around on the belt. Customers have been pressing the Belt Stabilizer into service for use on pouches with more conventional type PALS (MOLLE) attachment systems for lack of a better method. The problem with this is that unlike the MALICE Clip, conventional PALS systems must be properly woven in order to provide secure attachment. Simply securing the ends and looping the pouch onto a belt without properly weaving the webbing through the backer is not a good idea.

The Belt Platform solves this problem.

It’s a 2 x2 PALS grid with two rows and two columns. The platform is restricted to the dimensions that will support a single rifle magazine pouch, or two pistol magazine pouches. The PALS webbing is “contoured” or bowed out from the platform in order to facilitate pouch attachment. This rides on a length of 3″ wide webbing which is sewn into a fixed belt loop accommodating belts up to 2″. The belt loop is backed with a thin piece of HDPE (plastic) which reinforces the platform to provide a stable surface. The interior of the belt loop and the back are lined with a nonslip material which will help minimize shifting and movement while worn.

The PALS Belt Platform was not conceived or designed in-house at Down Range Gear and proper credit is due to the customer who saw a need, brought a nearly production ready concept and allowed it to be used.

  1. downrangegear said:

    Thanks for the link!

  2. I’ve purchased two of these from Chris and I can attest to the fact that the PALS Belt Platform is a dynamite solution. Two things were bugging me about duty belt pouches: limited selection of models/colors, and the terrible attachment methods which often resulted in floppy pouches. This piece frees you up to choose whatever pouch works for you, and the attachment to the belt is rock-solid.

    I’m running them for carbine classes on a TT 2″ duty belt with ATS short shingles and couldn’t be more pleased. Chris is a true professional and his craftsmanship is extraordinary.

    • downrangegear said:

      Extraordinary you say?

      Thanks for the endorsement, I’m mailing you another check tomorrow!


      Seriously, thanks for the kind words. I didn’t invent this thing, a customer was good enough to pitch the idea and allow me to produce it. I’m incredibly grateful to him for that.

      I really appreciate your business and I’m happy that the gear has worked for you.

      And for the benefit of the readers who haven’t caught on yet, that comment was from the author of the Pouch Central Blog where a scholarly and hard working effort is underway to shed some light on and evaluate various pieces of tactical gear for the everyman. He’s not getting paid to do it either, that’s all his work on his time on his dime to benefit the rest of us (I’m still a consumer.) Well worth the look.

      • Roger said:

        Silly question but where can one buy the belt platform:


  3. downrangegear said:


    It’s not a silly question. I’ve had many such inquiries since I pulled the Down Range Gear main site down. In the meantime, I would be happy to discuss the details of your order if you’d like to shoot me an email at



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