Design Upgrade: Pullout Handle For Modular Panel Insert

The Modular Panel Insert is an incredibly versatile piece of gear and makes a great, fast, modular upgrade to any pack, bag or case. The design has been continually upgraded, improved and refined since inception.

Upgrades up to this point have included triglide loops to allow the panel to be strapped into the inside of a pack and a harness allowing the panel to be utilized as a vehicle seat organizer. The idea to include a handle to allow the panel to be accessed and function as an internal pack organizer and pullout has been a concept I’ve been looking to execute for a while. Design issues have kept it from implementation. Six months or so ago, the velcro that secures the HDPE insert into the panel was upgraded from 1″ to 2″ wide. While recently revisiting the issue, it occurred to me that this was the missing detail. There was no elegant way to attach a handle directly to the panel and anchoring it to the HDPE insert was not feasible because of questions as to whether a laden panel could be supported on a 1″ velcro closure. That’s no longer an issue.

The new Pullout handle for the Modular Panel Insert is sewn directly into the HDPE support frame. It is heavily stitched and reinforced to support the load. It’s also been engineered to provide a low profile but still allow for an ample grabbing surface.  It’s a clean, straightforward design. Functional features are good but the form needs to be clean and consistent throughout. Pictures tell the story:

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