Today @ Down Range Gear

Periodically, customers bring special project requests to Down Range Gear. Taking them on extends the portfolio as well as stretching design and fabrication capabilities even on relatively simple pieces.

Customer requested a set of three notebook covers for Rite In The Rain books. Custom features included a small velcro patch, tab to secure the book closed and a pen slot. They were built in ranger green, khaki and black. The design is a single layer 1000D cordura cover made from a single piece of fabric for an overall clean look. No further features were added at customer request but the potential was there to put more on it.

Additionally requested was a case to carry and display official credentials. Exterior shell is 1000D cordura wrapped around a thin piece of HDPE to help hold the shape. The interior features two sections of double ply, transparent vinyl to display the contents. A small velcro patch was added to the exterior at customer request.

  1. Nice! your stuff is always so clean! nice. i like the addition of the rigid HDPE… great idea.

  2. downrangegear said:

    Thank you! You’re awfully modest about your own work. Notebook covers aren’t a regular, production item at Down Range Gear, so it’s worth noting (and I’ll have the link up shortly) that is absolutely a recommended source for notebook covers in addition to other items.

    • Robert said:

      I am trying access the GAG sight to locate a notebook cover. I can not get past the home page. Is there a different link to this sight or is it under construction?

  3. downrangegear said:


    In addition to the awesome work he does on notebook covers, Ephraim is also a full time, active duty soldier. I’ll bring your post to his attention and see if he can help you out.

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