Holster Insert Lite

The Holster Insert Lite came at the request of a customer who was looking for a chopped down version of the Modular Insert Holster. Rather than just shorten the existing design, I decided to strike out in a different direction.

The Holster Insert Lite rides on the same HDPE backed velcro platform as the Modular Insert Holster. Wrapped around the frame of the pistol is a durable, heavy duty 6″ wide elastic webbing folded over in half. This doubling over gives the material an extra structural heft that supports the weapon in a way a thinner layer wouldn’t. The elastic is form fitted over the pistol frame to allow for a slight stretch to retain the gun. A second layer of elastic webbing is added over the top with a velcro (hook) square to support a functional, full featured, removable thumb break.

The elastic loop is designed to put just enough tension on the pistol frame to allow for good retention, not so much that it would impede drawing or holstering, but enough to make the thumb break more of a redundant feature. Still the front sight will snag slightly and a squared off trigger guard or ejection port will catch. Pistols with aggressive edges or checkering will probably cause some wear to the elastic material.

The original Modular Insert Holster was designed to provide an alternative to a lot of poor elastic holster designs on the market. The Holster Insert Lite will fill a niche by coming back to elastic and doing it in such a way as to provide the benefits of a velcro-in, stretch fit elastic loop but mitigate the shortcomings evident in many other designs.

The Holster Insert Lite will be available in two variants, one designed to ship with the removable thumb break and the other without.

  1. Awesome! Saw the Beta version in a dark and dank parking garage while making sure no prying industrial espionage guys were around (Okay not really) and I really like this design, makes other Elastic Holster Inserts look wimpy wimpy wimpy by camparison. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.
    Glad to see it on the market Chris!

  2. downrangegear said:

    Seriously folks, I pay Doc to post here. Thanks Doc, your check is in the mail! For those that haven’t made the association, Doc is the guy behind RSKTKR Consulting (linked on this blog) very much worth a look for those that want to sharpen their gunfighting skills.

  3. Jason said:

    Hey guys, how do I order?

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