NOD Retention Lanyard, OPS-Core VAS Shroud

The Ops-Core VAS Shroud is a lightweight, low profile night vision helmet mount.

Down Range Gear is pleased to bring the security and simplicity of  the NOD Retention Lanyard to the Ops-Core VAS Shroud.

In grunt parlance, the NOD Retention Lanyard is a dummy cord. It’s cheap insurance and piece of mind protecting valuable night vision equipment from loss or damage in the event of a mount failure. Although relatively robust and fairly reliable, there are multiple attachments, and thus multiple potential points of failure between the helmet plate and the optic. When and if a component fails, the NOD Retention Lanyard will keep the optic attached to the helmet until it is deliberately removed or recovered by the wearer.

Until now, Down Range Gear’s NOD Retention Lanyard has only been available for USGI standard issue NOD plates.

Down Range Gear recently obtained a VAS Shroud with a PT A-Alpha Helmet courtesy of the Tactical Night Vision Company.

The VAS Shroud variant of the Retention Lanyard is made of double layered cordura nylon matching the foot print of the VAS Shroud. The cordura is hot cut and sealed with an industrial strength adhesive. A loop at the top retains a female side release buckle, which will remain anchored on the helmet. Because the VAS variant of the retention lanyard uses cordura nylon, it can be had in almost any color or printed fabric pattern.

The male portion of the side release buckle is tethered to the optic via shock cord, run through a webbing loop which in turn is securely zip tied to the optic body. Reliable ITW Nexus Ghillie-Tex side release buckles ensure efficient mounting and removal. Tension on the elastic shock cord can help take up some of the play in standard NOD mounts. The length of the shock cord can be adjusted via cord lock, minimizing the amount of excess dangling cord.

The NOD Retention Lanyard is designed to offer piece of mind by backing up the primary mount assembly and preventing optic loss in case of a failure. The VAS Shroud variant of the NOD Retention Lanyard strives to be as cleanly designed, lightweight and low profile as the VAS Shroud itself at a very affordable price point.

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