Modular Holster Insert

The Modular Holster Insert was an attempt to build a dedicated, full featured pistol holster for a velcro platform. It addresses the short comings of other velcro backed holsters on the market, including:

Negligible retention properties.

Poor fit to the pistol frame.

Inability to support a pistol with a light attachment.

Inadequate draw characteristics.

Inability to support pistol weight.

Poor surface contact between holster and velcro backing.

In short, it’s for people serious about how they carry their pistol. With a good idea of how not to build a holster, a new design was built from the ground up.

The Modular Holster Insert starts on an HDPE sheet that provides a wide, firm base on which the holster is built. The HDPE (plastic) has numerous favorable characteristics benefiting the design; it keeps the edges from rolling, it provides proper support for the weapon, and full, consistent surface contact between the holster base and mounting platform.

The holster body is constructed of  4″ wide, 6″ long wings that wrap around the pistol. They are laminated and sewn back to back. Modular and ambidextrous, the holster can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of pistol frames, with or without an attached light. The 6″ length allows a clear, unobstructed channel for the pistol to travel when drawn.

A conventional, snap based thumb break velcros into the holster. Thumb break height and angle are adjustable to fit the pistol and user’s draw characteristics. The thumb break has a metal stay which can be shaped and formed by the user. It is secured in place  by a 2″ wide strip of velcro eliminating surfaces on which the pistol might catch.

Securing the retaining strap in place, as well as reinforcing the structural integrity of the holster “wings” are two 2″ wide hook velcro straps.

  1. Greg said:

    Hello, when will the Modular Holster Insert be available?

    • downrangegear said:

      They’re currently available by request only. It will be a stocked item when Down Range Gear relaunches ecommerce in the coming year.

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