Today @ Down Range Gear

Any kind of feedback is good. I’m always grateful when a customer cares enough to take the time to let me know what’s on his mind, positive or otherwise, but nothing speaks louder (or is more welcome) than repeat business. The velcro and snap backed PALS panel in UCP is one good example.

Keep getting orders for those Modular Insert Holsters. I think for customers who want a serious, full featured holster on a velcro platform, know that until something better comes along, this one sets the bar.

Although the MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer, LE Variant isn’t officially on the market yet, I had a customer request a single cell and double cell be tacked onto an order. This is a good piece of gear, and it will effectively put TT MALICE Clips on LE duty belts.

Modular Panel Inserts are simply the best way to add an internal organizer to your pack, hands down, and we’ll build it your way.

Lots of customers looking for custom built, drop in, replacement watch bands these days. At Down Range Gear the HSLD Watch Band is made to order.


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