Design Update: Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch

The Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouches are individually built and hand fitted to specific pistol magazine models. Size and shape are strictly accounted to allow for a tight but serviceable fit. The pouch is simple and clean with good retention characteristics.

The front and side walls of the pouch are double layered cordura nylon laminated with an industrial strength adhesive. That’s a lot of material between the magazine and a possible tear or blow out.

I use the gear I build. The designs are not static. Updates and improvements get implemented into new builds immediately, as soon as they become apparent.

The Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch has undergone some subtle changes since inception.

The backing that once extended passed the opening of the pouch has been cut down. This allows for an easier purchase on the exposed end of the magazine without interference.

A small HDPE plastic strip has been sandwiched in the cordura along the front (outer) surface of the pouch in order to keep it firm so that when reinserting the magazine, the feed lips don’t snag and collapse the edges in on the pouch. This complicates the design and build somewhat, but a recent training event has validated the concept.

Sometimes design changes come with a price. Literally. The Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch is a true custom piece of gear, tailored to the magazine and built to exacting specifications. Sometimes when you build gear, the prototype and first few pieces are slow and cumbersome until the builder figures out an efficient workflow. That keeps costs down. The Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouch is built so slowly and carefully that the current cost does not support the amount of work that goes into this particular piece of gear. Look for them to go up a couple of dollars in the new year.

  1. Mick said:

    On rare occasion you come across a proprietor that not only produces superior custom products, but also offers the same in customer service. Down Range Gear is one of those elite.

    Since taking receipt of an Original Malice Clip Stabilizer and Fitted Pistol Magazine Pouches I’ve been impressed by not only the craftsmanship and minimalism, but more over the versatility. These kit items are built to last…and it shows.

    Down Range Gear’s commitment to customer service is proven. This day in age to many an internet retailer we, the buyers, are just a number. Not such with Down Range Gear. His proactive approach to assuring satisfaction from start to finish is refreshing.

    I look forward to future designs, and take pride it using handmade gear manufactured by a former operator with the knowledge and the skill base.

    Fitted Pistol Magazines Pouches by Down Range Gear…get some!

  2. downrangegear said:


    Thank you.

    I designed and built these mag pouches for myself while looking for a very minimal, clean pouch design. The key to good passive retention is in a form-fitting, tailored fit around the magazine. The design is inefficient and takes a long time to produce, but the results are in performance unlike any other nylon pouch I’ve seen.

    It should be said that Mick is especially generous in his praise in light of the fact that his order not only took an inordinately long time to produce, but was partly in error as well. His patience and good humor are very much appreciated.


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