D-TACNZ Snurse Gen3

Reconnaissance Patrol Procedures

Unit Visual Trackers

Tactical Debriefing course


Combat & Survival

Reconnaissance Patrol Commanders

Combat Lifesavers

Patrol Medics Course

Advanced Signalers

When you see skills and qualifications such as these on a military record book, you know you’re dealing with a professional, well trained operator. How would it feel to know that all that is courtesy of the combat veteran that also happens to be the guy behind the sewing machine, using his training and experiences to design and build the gear you’re using?

That’s what you get when you deal with D-TACNZ.

This small, custom gear maker juggles a career on active duty with the New Zealand Denfese Forces with designing and building custom kit in addition to his duties as a forum moderator on DIYTactical. That last position is how he has exerted his influence upon other small gear makers, coaching and critiquing them along.

D-TACNZ recently launched a blog to showcase original designs:


Well built, originally designed custom gear by someone with been there, done that credentials? The D-TACNZ blog will be well worth following.


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